The two most popular new kitchen design trends in Australia right now
There's no denying that the kitchen is the hub of any contemporary home. If you utilise open plan living spaces, you undoubtedly spend a tonne of time in or around your kitchen. And, when guests drop in for a visit, it's where you sit or stand to catch up these days - not the living room.


1. Island-based cooktops

Kitchen islands have been overhauled in the last five years, and it's no longer a matter of deciding if you want a sink or not. Plenty of families opt for eating at their countertop during the week rather than sitting in the dining room. It's much easier to serve up where you cook, after all.


2. Contrasting kitchen cabinetry

Matching cabinetry in kitchens (and around the home, for that matter) is coming to an end. You don't need an all-white kitchen anymore. These days, interior designers love playing with textures, colours and tones when installing kitchen cabinets to create an interesting focal point.