Handy Automotive 2PCE Recovery Tracks Double Edged Design Mud Sand 5 Ton Load

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Handy Hardware® These 4 x 4 Offroad Recovery Tracks are ideal to have for a safe recovery and extraction of your vehicle from sand, mud, slush and snow. With there smart double edged design to help easily and quickly be manoeuvred under tyres, your adventures will keep on going.


Product Details:
2 x Offroad Recovery Tracks (4 x 4)
Capacity: 5 Tonne
1060mm x 605mm x 70mm
Double Edged Design- For Quick, Easy Manoeuvring Under Tyres
Corrosion Resistant
Super Tough, Heavy Duty
Impact Resistant Material
Safe Recovery and Extraction from Sand, Mud, Snow and Slush
6 Toughened Handles
4 Versatile Hanging Holesargo Net Size:1.8m x 1.5m
Have Handy- Snow Trips, Beach and BushAdventures, Camping

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