Devanti Water Cooler Dispenser Bench Top Black

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Always have access to cleaner and purer water with the Devanti Water Cooler. Designed for convenience, the compact water cooler can be used on any desktop or kitchen bench to dispense clear and pure water anytime. It comes with dual hot and cold waterspouts and a hot-cold water on/off switch for easy use. Compressor cooling technology helps the cooler get your cold water to the perfect temperature in just 20 minutes, while a piping hot cup of tea can be poured from the hot waterspout in just 10 minutes. Safety is assured with a child-lock function to prevent children from tampering with the cooler as well as protection from over-current, overheating, electric shocks and drying up. The cooler also has a removable drip tray, a water guide plate for use with standard water bottles, and anti-slip feet to prevent movement. Enjoy a cool and clean glass of water at any time with the Devanti Water Cooler.

Top-loading design
Compressor cooling technology
LED indicators
Child-lock function
Dual taps
Hot and cold waterspouts
Hot/Cold water on/off switch
Removable water guide plate and drip tray
Anti-slip feet
Over-current protection
Electric-shock protection
Anti-dry protection
Overheat safety protection
Low-noise operation
Smart water guide plate
*Note: 1. Plug in water guide plate when using bottled water. Unplug it when using water filter container.
2. 22L water filter container and replacement filters are available in-store.

Brand: Devanti
Material: Plastic, Stainless steel
Control type: Push button
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Heating power: 420W
Cooling power: 85W
Two taps: Hot/ Cold
Hot water tank: 0.8L
Heating Capacity: 5L per hour
Hot water temperature: 80°C-95°C
Heating time: 10min
Cold water tank: 2.8L
Cooling Capacity: 2L per hour
Cold water temperature: Down to 7°C
Cooling time: 20min
Overall dimensions: 26cm x 28 cm x 41 cm
Cable length: 162.5cm
Colour: Black
Assembly required: No
Number of packages: One

Package Content
Devanti Water Cooler x 1
User Manual x 1


This product comes with 1 year warranty

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