20x Timber Frames Plastic Foundations Assembled Wood Deep Hive Frame Beekeeping

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These assembled timber frames, made with Knot New Zealand Pine Wood for the frame and sturdy plastic unwaxed foundations.

They are suitable for a standard deep 8 frame and 10 frame Langstroth beehives, ready to use.


  • Model: FR-2-03
  • Colour: Natural and Black
  • Material: Knot New Zealand Pine Wood and Plastic
  • Dimensions (cm): 48.3 x 44.8 x 23.2
  • Weight:


  • Full-depth
  • Fits 8 frame and 10 frame beehives
  • Hardy, slow-growing New Zealand Pine
  • Staple assembly with brass inserts and stainless steel wire installed
  • Ready for you to wax and use

Package Includes:


20x Assembled New Zealand Frames with Plastic Foundations.

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