10 Pack of Wine Glass Holder Plate Clip - Stand Up Function Buffet BBQ Picnic Party - Promotion Merchandise Expo Gift

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10 Set of Wine Glass Holder Buffet Plate Clips - White

75mm long, 46mm wide - 10mm stem gap


Wine Glass Plate Clips are clips that clip onto a plate and hold a stemmed wine glass - perfect for any party.

One end of the strong plastic wine glass plate clip grips onto the edge of the plate while the other supports a wine, martini, or champagne glass.

The keyhole design makes it easy to place and remove your stemware from the clip.

When at a party, it's ideal to have at least one hand free, whether you use that hand to grab at all the delicious goodies at the buffet, or to greet people with a pleasant handshake is up to you.

If you've got yourself a plate full of hors d'oeuvre in one hand, and a wine glass in the other, it's much more difficult to go about casually - always stopping to put something down.

The simple solution comes in the form of the Wine Glass Plate Clips (also known as Buffet Maid Clips).


Simply attach one of these to the side of your plate and it will snugly hold a piece of stemware, so you can enjoy the party more freely.

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