Ever worried that the products you purchase online would not fit or look exactly like the images on the online advertisement? That feeling of disappointment after you’ve received your long-awaited products to only realise, they look nothing like how you envisioned them. Then comes all the hassle of returning the products because they do not suit your purpose.
We understand your dilemmas and concerns. Worry no more, as we’ve got your back! Modern times require modern solutions.


We are thrilled to be one of the few Australian retailers in the process of delivering 3D model product images and AR viewing experiences for our furniture, just for our beloved customers. These technologies provide you images in their truest form and highest quality, replicating almost the exact physical products on your screens. So you can shop confidently with us, knowing that these are the actual products you will receive.

What is 3D modelling?

3D models are virtual, yet highly realistic, representations of an object in three dimensions. It allows you to rotate and view the object from any angle you desire. This allows you to get a better sense of our furniture’s design elements, texture, colour, size, fixings and all the fine details.


What is Augmented Reality (AR) viewing?

AR viewing technology overlays computer-generated digital product images onto the real environment that you are in, using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. By virtually placing our furniture in your own home, you can see for yourself if they blend in well with your decor before making purchase decisions. To begin the AR viewing experience, just scan the QR code from this page then tap on the AR icon on the top right.

When you shop with Us, you can save the time you would otherwise spend travelling down to a brick-and-mortar furniture store only to spend a couple of minutes inspecting some minute detail you were concerned with.

We will continue to work hard to give you the best possible online retail experience. In the meantime, we would love for you to enjoy the 3D modelling and AR viewing experiences for some of our best-selling furniture.





Leather Black Height Adjustable Bar Stool     
Click here with your mobile phone to bring it to life



That's all for now. Watch this space, as we can't wait to share all our exciting developments with you!

Abi A

I don't usually write reviews, but after ordering 2 x bar stools, I felt compelled. They feel really nice, great quality and suuuper comfortable. 10/10 recommend the Ruby Bar Stools!

Marcelle P

I'm currently using this chair in my office. It is a lot more comfortable than my previous chair. I love the colour, brightens up my day. I have not fully used all the functions as yet. The massage option is ok, for the price it is acceptable.

02 Sept 2021

Tilly N

Purchased for my desk while using my laptop. Had to construct it on arrival. Very easy to read instructions and assembly. After completing, extremely comfortable.

22 Aug 2021

David C

It was a rewarding experience to put it together and see this beautiful unit complete with my TV in my living room. Awesome unit for the price. Thanks

09 Mar 2021

Bobbie S

From buying to transportation and delivery, it was hassle free. The bed took 2 hours to put together , everything was there and it all went smoothly. So happy with every aspect of this purchase. Thank you

13 Oct 2020

Mary S

My table arrived , and I was really excited and also a bit worried. But I need not have , the table is perfect and so beautiful very easy to assemble and everything you need to put it together. I did this on my own. I am saying if you're thinking of buying this beautiful table do it now you'll never regret doing so.

04 Sept 2020

Peggy C

This chair is very comfortable at all times, having the massage sections in it is an added bonus. It's not something that I would use all the time, but a really lovely touch when the back and shoulders are just tired.

02 Sept 2020