Yaomi Wood Triangle Cat Scratcher Sofa Pet Bed

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Yaomi Wood Triangle Cat Scratcher Sofa Pet Bed


Cat is instinctively scratching to replace worn-out, old claws with new claws of the claws in layers. If you raise a cat, it will scratch all the furniture, walls, and doors in the house, causing the furniture to go bad. So you need extra cat furniture for the cat to scratch.
In general, scratchers cut and made corrugated cardboard using glue, which is harmful to cats.
Yaomi Scratcher considered the safety and economics of cats by using paper that minimizes the use of glue on the frame of wood.

Please be careful
- If you shock or drop the wood, it breaks. Please be careful
- Scratchers are vulnerable to water and fire. Avoid humid or fire-prone areas.


Product Features:

  • Design: The shape of angel wings
  • Luxurious feel of pine trees
  • Backrest that can lean back
  • Easy assembly method
  • Economical and eco-friendly


Product Included:

1x Cat Scratcher Sofa


Product Specification:


Dimensions: 45cm(W) x 30cm(L) x 40cm(H)
Material: Wood, Cardboard

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