SOGA 4X 7L Round Stainless Steel Soup Warmer Marmite Chafer Full Size Catering Chafing Dish

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To draw your guests in, a mirror finish on the lid and body of this chafer beautifully picks up on and reflects out, your venue's ambient lighting for a glamorous presentation.
Durable stainless steel construction ensures this chafer is built to withstand everyday use while providing a timeless appearance that blends in with your classic decor.
For optimum stability, our soup chafer has three broad and evenly-spaced legs that will prevent the product from falling off. Suitable for everyday use at your catered events.
To maintain temperature with even, consistent heat distribution, our soup chafer comes with a fuel holder. For easy and effortless placement, this fuel holder slips into the pre-cut hole in the base of the chafer stand.
A flat handle on the cover makes for efficient service, while two handles on the chafer stand ensure easy transport and use. With an ample capacity, this marmite soup chafer is ideal for catering and buffets.

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 31 x 24 x 32cm
Capacity: 7L
Weight: 3kg


Package Includes:
4 X SOGA 7L Marmite Chafing Dish

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