KOMAN 20 26 28cm Set Titanium Coating Frying Pan Non-Stick

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KOMAN Titanium Coating Frying Pan 20 26 28cm Set Non-Stick


Experience cooking like never before with KOMAN Tera Frying Pan.

Coated with Tera Titanium(a mixture of titanium used in aviation, ships, cars.) The coating goes beyond its attractive textured look, it gives you the benefits of cooking on hot stone featuring high hardness, superior abrasion resistance and long-lasting Non-Stick performance.

And Ultra light-weight Die-casting Aluminium body reduces heat loss, maintaining the original taste and nutrition of food. Compatible with the gas/electric stove (exclude induction). The rigid Bakelite handle will ensure safe and comfort handling while cooking.


Product Features:

  • Titanium coating, excellent non-stick performance
  • 6-Layers coating system
  • Die-casting Premium Aluminium body
  • PFOA free
  • Rigid Bakelite Handle
  • Ultra-light in weight


Product Included:

  • 3x Koman Fry Pan(20cm 26cm 28cm)


Product Specification:


Brand: KOMAN
Model: Tera Titanium Frying Pan
Colour: Black
Manufacture Made: KOMAN Corp, South Korea
Material: Aluminium
Coating: Titanium with 6-Layers Coating System

20cm Pan:
Pan Inner Diameter: 20cm
Dimension Pan Size : 36.5cm x 21cm x 4.5cm
Weight: 380g
Hobs compatibility: Gas

26cm Pan:
Pan Inner Diameter: 26cm
Dimension Pan Size : 46cm x 27cm x 5cm
Weight: 530g
Hobs compatibility: Gas

28cm Pan:
Pan Inner Diameter: 28cm
Dimension Pan Size : 48cm x 29cm x 5cm
Weight: 620g
Hobs compatibility: Gas/electric (exclude induction)

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