CookPal Ren Beijing 33cm Wok

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The Cook-Pal Ren is a super unique line developed by Yoshikawa Co. and manufactured in Niigata, Japan.
This is probably the first Wok that is made of iron, doesn't come with any sort of thin coating like Teflon yet it won't really stick. The special high-temperature treatment technique developed by Yoshikawa actually penetrates into the surface of the steel, therefore they won't peel off like Teflon coationg.
This is particularly important when cooked with high-heat.
Oil soaks smoothly into our woks and frying pans letting you cook with greater ease.
Most steel woks and frying pans suffer from rusting and caking but our products overcome these problems as they have been optimised with a high heat treatment which keeps them free from rust and gives them lifetime protection.
YOSHIKAWA Innovation with confidence.
A genuine “steel made product”. Try out products and you will be using them for a lifetime.
Made in Japan.

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1x CookPal Ren Beijing 33cm Wok

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