Acron Wool Kids Tufted Rug 80 x 90 cm

Sale price$90.95


Wool Tufted Rug with backing Acron Wool Rug Face shape 80 x 90 cm


The gorgeous Acorn Floor Rug is a rich chestnut brown colour in two shades, with a serene, smiling face detailed in black with rosy, pink cheeks. The Acorn Rug is the perfect match to the new colourway.
Made from 80% wool and 20% cotton to the highest quality, this stunning piece of design will bring both character and style to your playroom or child's bedroom. Acorn Rug is nice and thick to protect little hands and knees as a playmat during floor time.


80 x 90 cm

Blend - 80% wool, 20% cotton


Care Instruction - Vacuum and spot clean only

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