5L Coco Chips Premium - 50/50 Coir Pure Blend Hydroponic Plant Growing Medium

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This Premium Coco Chip blend, made from high quality coconut husk, is great for your hydroponic systems and general gardening. Unlike Coco Perlite, this blend is is minimally processed, meaning larger particle sizes of 12-25mm, which improves aeration and drainage of the substrate. The blend is 50% Coco Coir fibre and 50% Coco Coir Chip.

The chips themselves do not compress in the substrate, meaning air pockets and gaps will retain and promote aeration through the roots and soil. These air pockets help to fight anaerobic microbes, which can be pathogenic. This product is RHP certified, meaning it maintains a high level of quality, consistency, is thoroughly rinsed, pH balanced and pre-buffered with calcium.

Package Includes:

  • Coco Chip Blend 50/50 in a resealable bag

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