18V Big Boyz Cordless Horse Clippers

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The most powerful cordless clippers on the market with a huge 18-volt 180 watt motor operating at 2800 RPM blade cutting speed also these big boyz feature a battery level indicator so you know how much battery you have left to finish the job.

It is a cordless handpiece, which makes your work of clipping large animals, horses, even getting cattle ready for the show.

The equipment is portable and straight forward. Users can the animal anywhere anytime.

With huge pulling power with the 18V Lithium Battery 4000mah, high clipper speed, the motor is very well balanced and with a comfortable handle that will not tire your hands it glides perfectly through the coats Its low weight at 1.5kg with the battery connected Low noise and vibration with ventilation system to prevent over heating.
The blade thinness is adjustable with rotatable metal pressure knob.
Package Included:

1 x Rechargeable Big Boyz Clipper Shears


1 x Multi-function Screwdriver
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Extra Sturdy Carrying Box
1 x Empty Oil Bottle
1 x Bonus Extra 18V 4000mah Battery
1 x Charger
1 x English User Manual

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